Uber is Yesterday Now Try Journey Share

Journey Share Website Launches For UK Business Parks


Stephanie Housty of Ecosurety Left together with launch team 

Stephanie Housty hopes that by launching joinmyjourney it will reduce the amount of cars on our roads, lower ccongestion, create more parking spaces and generally encourage sustainable business park travel


The brain child of a company called Ecosurety has more than 1,000 customers including The Co-operative Group, Innocent, BSkyB and Britvic is behind the forthcoming launch.

The company are sort of corporate treehuggers going by the name of Ecosurety and they see themselves as driving greater efficiencies of resource use in large organisations.

Frankly this latest idea could be even better than UBER!


 A new website to help business parks and organisations cut congestion and traffic queues is set to be launched. 

joinmyjourney is a free-to-use website for commuters travelling by car, bicycle or on foot to find others to share journeys to work, either regularly, or as a one off. joinmyjourney particularly enables workers within different business park organisations to find people with similar commutes. A joinmyjourney Apple, Android and Windows app to accompany the website is due to launch this Spring.

 Benefits include fewer cars on the road, lower emissions¹, and helping drivers save money by cutting commuting costs. Others include less stress sitting in traffic queues, improved confidence from increased outdoor exercise and the option to share sustainable and safe journeys during the winter. There is also anecdotal evidence that journey sharing improves employee punctuality.


joinmyjourney is launched by resource efficiency specialist ecosurety thanks to funding from South Gloucestershire Council’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF), with support from North Bristol SusCom.


The scheme, owned by ecosurety, was recently recognised by the TravelWest awards, and is now open to shared business sites across the UK.


James Piper, commercial director at ecosurety, says, “ecosurety wholeheartedly supports sustainability. Our decision to create a scheme for businesses underlines our commitment to the environment, as well as our core value of striving to continuously eradicate all forms of unnecessary waste.”


He continues: “joinmyjourney developed out of the need to find a features-lite solution that was free-to-use for employees, where they could efficiently and easily connect with other interested journey sharers between different businesses.”


How it works


Users can specify the start point (via postcode) with the destination business park or place of work pre-configured, then using an interactive map identify potential sharers on the route and their preferred mode of transport (walk, cycle or car). Users then choose to message other users who most closely fit their needs, to plan their journey share, and the route can be easily amended if the default route doesn’t match the user’s preferred journey.

Once registered, users can also specify other key information, such as the days and times that they usually travel and state their preferences – i.e smokers, non-smokers, or to only share with somebody of the same sex, etc.

Verity Heal, LSTF project manager at South Gloucestershire Council, says, “joinmyjourney is a great example of how we are working with the business community to help resolve shared challenges. This is one of many schemes that we are delivering across the area to help take cars off the road.”

Ann O’Driscoll, from North Bristol SusCom, a group of employers that promotes sustainable transport to 40,000 employees and 30,000 students, says, “Travelling more sustainably can have a dramatic impact on congestion levels, commuting costs, emissions and parking problems. Joining forces with somebody else who wants to walk or cycle can also be very empowering, especially in the winter when it’s dark before and after work. Using more active forms of transport can also improve fitness and reduce stress.”


Organisations or business centres can register interest at joinmyjourney.org.

In the future, revenues from the scheme will go into a not-for-profit fund, to ensure it is able to cover its costs.  Organisations that meet certain criteria might also be able to use the scheme for free in the first instance.











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