Renewable energy finance could dramatically make you stand out from your competition

We promote and run installer, education and awareness campaigns for commercial and agricultural energy finance.

Drive sales with asset finance and leasing

• Our aim is to increase the installation rates of commercial renewable systems through dealer recruitment.
• We finance large  scale clean technology  installations  such as solar, wind, geothermal,  energy efficiency,  green transportation   and advanced biofuels..
• We apply a long-term approach to providing energy financial services.
• Our focus is the supply of all or part of an organisations independent heat & power generation through creative financing.
Get an overview of how it works and book a place on one the workshops to run in Birmingham or London during August and September.
Meet our guest speaker from the USA who will show you how he made £10M in sales in one year from a standing start by introducing fianance to renewable energy
Learn about our people, culture and our commitment to diversity. Learn about our Business Standards.

Cost £45 + VAT in West Midlands or London

How to dramatically stand out from your competition….with renewable energy finance

Dear Solarpreneur,

Did you ever wonder what it might feel like to not be me-too?  What if you could imagine standing out from the competition in a way that customers choose you over everyone else?
And what if we could raise our prices, and they still kept coming?

That’s what uniqueness can do to our business and most of us know a product that makes us better than our competition.

But the customer doesn’t know,  they go elsewhere, somewhere cheaper, dare I say cra*pie* , we ask why don’t they beat a path to your door and in the flock you’ve imagined.


The next few weeks will be crucial to many involved in Solar PV as pundits forecast sales could crash in August and we all know government are being tough on the renewables sector and we know this is simply because DECC have no money to give away. Why are we hoping for government subsidies when our future could be great just as it is today or even with reduced FiT next year?

What we might do is change our focus from residential Solar PV or Heat Pumps. Could we seek other renewable energy products to go along with our traditional offering and go back to basics of business.
The quality of goods you install or the extra services you deliver or offer will create a longer lasting impression on your clients or customers than simply eroding margins and selling cheap products.

At we have recently been hanging around airports, staying in some nice & some awful hotels around the globe,  looking to help members arrange services and products that may define your future growth and we must focus on long-term growth. The bitterness of poor quality will remain long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Then it all clicked into (having dinner at Munich Airport) place! Money is the issue so we needed to strike “where” the iron is hot. Literally businesses, social landlords and farmers all need a finance plan to fund renewable energy. When I explored this market it seems a handful of  financiers or investors existed but they seemed to want RHI or FiT or whatever aspects of other daft grant acronym might pop next.


Now we can source finance and quickly get to market with volume sales to new target businesses or farmers seeking heat & power and over the last few weeks at we have been working on unique products and services to grow member businesses as we are planning for this more sustainable upturn.

This newsletter is a preliminary announcement for renewable energy finance that allows the borrower to keep RHI and FiT to help offset the finance or leasing of the equipment needful to independently generate power and even better the clients will win by using all the energy they generate within their businesses or on their farms.

For those companies without cash-flow we can fund the equipment with a Power Purchase Agreement that means they get green energy at a price about 10% less than they currently pay and with agreed increases in line with the Retail Price Index and not the general 10 or 12% increases much of our fossil driven energy over the last few years.

Some Public Sector or other organisations prefer OBS (off balance sheet) funding without showing any associated liability on the balance sheet and we can rent equipment in these situations.
As installers we are powerful but as a group harnessing the power of leading installers we become UK business leaders with a collective presence, we take the initiative, demand the attention and support we need to deliver the goods and take market share in our selected areas. is here to lend its support – to both the industry and to us all as individual business operators. Check  regularly as once fully launched it will be a base of regular intelligence for the renewables industry or follow our blog and offer ideas, products and resources that will help you plan your way to a brighter future.

We offer the opportunity for lo carbon, energy conservation and renewable energy businesses to join together as will help with consumers search as a trusted hallmark which guarantees a charter for total peace of mind and customer satisfaction when a consumer chooses a member installer. This symbol of trusted installers might become a buying super power as combine buying resources to gain bulk buying power . also has PR as well as a marketing resource which examines the UK’s potential to compete in the renewables arena, by marketing ourselves as a combined force a finance company has launched heard what we say and have launched a complete financing solution (subject to status) for commercial renewable energy assets. We can also arrange investors to buy Solar Farms without long drawn out brokerage chains.

The range of services you can offer:
• Power Purchase Agreement, we arrange the installation for district housing or business heat & power and sell the energy back to the occupier  at a beneficial price for a fixed period.
• Lease larger scale solar, wind, geothermal, CHP and biomass installations.
• Asset finance over a typical term of 84 months for businesses, farms and Public sector green heat & power.
• Outright purchase means you can sell your PV, wind or other large renewable system easily and (without middlemen) conveniently.

By assisting companies in procuring the financing they need to move to alternatives to more traditional energy sources we seek installers who would like to enter the commercial market or enhance their existing know-how by taking on a new funding partner.

We will arrange a training day to help you discover how to offset interest (without lenders keeping the subsidy) with borrowers keeping subsidies such as RHI or FiT. We will give you a 90 day game plan to be sitting in front of large businesses seeking £100,000+ installations. We help you source the equipment through our buyers group and gain funding from our financiers
Simply email me for more details on the training

With a low carbon push for farms, businesses and Public sector we still predict a high growth market and we will be opening a door to financing for those looking to use  proven  technologies
for heat or electricity for use in public, commercial and agricultural applications. Together we can help fund critical   products for a low-carbon  future by helping raise
capital for the public and private sectors  seeking to finance large scale clean technology  installations such as solar, wind, geothermal, energy efficiency,  green transportation
and advanced biofuels.

As SolarPrenurs we’re sure you won’t be falling at the false altar of price over quality and financing bigger installations will set the difference between those in business for the long-haul and those with no ability but to cut each others throat by declining profits until they are forced out of business.

We are inviting you to join a closed door meeting with our funding partner from North America and we’ll be showing you a plan to make an extra £10million in sales over the next 12 months.
We travel the world searching for unique products that are truly world class and will give you the edge over your competitor and this is part of the jigsaw you will not want to miss.

The training does come at a small cost to keep the workshop focused and keep the free sandwich brigade away. Cost £45 (we’ll keep you fed and watered) excluding VAT.

Whether you are a top commercial installer or a high quality domestic installer seeking business expansion we invite you to register with us as we bring the senior managers and directors of renewable energy finance to the table.

Many of the great advancements that have been made with higher subsidies could be utillised by industry and we will show you how to present the facts, supply the product and get the finance application complete.

If this is deemed appropriate as a route to business expansion, take advantage of pre-booking your training and call 0845 055 8203 to get a seat amongst our group of vetted installers in the more sustainable commercial green energy business

To understand why climate crisis is a job for the sales people not government and not scientists you will need to get booked fast and meetings will be taking place throughout August and September.
Take heart, Solarpreneurs. We have a bright future ahead and tough times only shake the loose apples off of the tree. Hang on!

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